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Because French is Our Language, Our Strength and Our Future

The Quebec Liberal Party’s position on the French language

The French language is at the very heart of our specificity, of our nation.

It was inherited through ancestors who made Quebec into the cradle of Francophonie in North America, who cultivated and helped it to grow through thick and thin, and now as members of the only majority Francophone society on this continent, we have a historic and imperative duty to ensure both is promotion and its vitality.

Our official language is what drives our way of living together. It is a cornerstone and a meeting point around which Quebecers of all ages, origins and regions can come together to help maintain a just, prosperous and inclusive society.


 Dominique Anglade 

 Cheffe du Parti libéral du Québec 


It is also an intrinsic part of our history at the Quebec Liberal Party.

Recall that it was a Liberal government led by Robert Bourassa that in 1974 afforded the French language its legal status as Quebec’s official language.

This major step forward for the nation of Quebec became the bedrock which would lead to the Charter of the French Language. 


Robert Bourassa’s legacy remains etched in our party’s DNA, in our values and it continues to inspire us today.

That being said, we must see things clearly: protecting our French language, which is only spoken by 2% of North American inhabitants, calls for constant vigilance as well as a robust and necessary language policy, of which the Charter of the French Language is one of the main components.

To preserve its relevance and allow it to provide the necessary safeguards, it must be maintained, revisited and periodically adapted to face society’s new realities.  


 Hélène David 

 Porte-parole libérale pour la protection de la langue française 


The Quebec Liberal Party is determined to actively contribute to the protection and promotion of our French language.

With that in mind, we have developed 27 proposals which form our position on the French language.

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