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Promoting French by Awakening an Interest in Francophone Culture Among Young People

One of the measures to fight illiteracy is developing the reflex to read. The more we read, the better we are able to understand a text, the more we heighten our literacy skills. We could even add that this language learning cycle would develop an attraction for the French language from a young age.

We therefore propose to:


Continue and enhance access to Francophone cultural content, including through:

  • Developing day camp type activities for reading and writing within the network of public libraries; 

  • Strengthening the culture in schools program by providing access to a range of cultural products, such as theatre, music and film;

  • Promoting a tour by young authors in Quebec schools;


Develop, in collaboration with Télé-Québec, multiplatform educational literacy content;


Encourage the development of digital Francophone content and ensure that there is a preponderant offering of works in French on digital platforms such as Netflix and Spotify.

I support the position of the QLP

The proposals we are advancing are the result of thorough reflection following several consultations

In order to undertake this process, we first identified the fundamental principles that should guide us. It was important for us to identify the foundations upon which all Quebecers of all origins could readily unite and rally.

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