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French in the Workplace

Two recent studies from the Office Québécois de la Langue Française have shown that English is becoming more and more present in Quebec’s workplaces. Indeed, 53.3% of workers now exclusively use French on the Island of Montreal, this proportion is 75.7% on the North and South Shores and 85.6% in the rest of Quebec.

We are therefore proposing to:


Apply the provisions of the Charter of the French Language to enterprises under federal jurisdiction;


Review article 46 of the Charter of the French Language to better define the requirements for hiring in a language other than French, in particular by specifying the principle of necessity;


Accompany companies with 25 to 49 employees in their francization with a streamlined, adapted approach to the application of the provisions of the Charter of the French Language in order to take into account the size and resources of these businesses. 


The proposals we are advancing are the result of thorough reflection following several consultations.

In order to undertake this process, we first identified the fundamental principles that should guide us. It was important for us to identify the foundations upon which all Quebecers of all origins could readily unite and rally.

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